USBS Double Cheeseburger at the Citadel Food Hall in Miami, Florida
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I waited over an entire year to finally track down the United States Burger Service, aka USBS.

Honestly, there wasn’t much to track down.

You can find them pretty much every Saturday night at Boxelder Craft Beer Market in Wynwood. USBS now has a permanent home at the Citadel Food Hall.

I will typically eat in the Westchester, Hialeah, and Flagami parts of Miami, not Wynwood.

So, I finally put on my big boy pants (the one with the sewn-in belt) and made the drive to find USBS.

Mikey (who is the man behind the burger) and his wife Keily (the woman behind the tasty buns) also own Illegal Bakery, who had set up shop at my 2015 Burgie Awards in Hialeah.

He now goes by the prestigious title of Postmaster General Mayta.

What exactly makes the USBS so unique?

Postmaster General Mayta grinds up the meat to make his custom blend while Keily makes those killer potato rolls.

It’s what I call in it to win it.

The ground beef is smashed into the flattop, which creates this beautiful meat candy crust that one only thought existed in burger dreams.

My USBS order


I got lost in this burger while I was eating (Debbie Gibson-style) until my wife Marcela asked me for a bite and broke me out of the daze.

I wasn’t mad though cause now I could order another one since I sensed I would be losing the original one to her.

USBS makes some beautifully made fresh-cut fries that had my name all over it.

I snacked on them while I waited for burger number Deux.

“This is the real deal,” is not something you will hear me say often, but you can not miss out on this fella. The USBS burger is just plain unbelievable, which might even be an understatement.

I fell so head over heels for the USBS 2-Day Double that I convinced my friends Dan and Susan to accompany me to Wynwood during Art Basel.

If you learn anything today (other than how phenomenal the USBS burger is), it’s that traffic during Art Basel weekend is unbearable.

You know what, though? I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.



USBS "2 Day" Double w/Cheese Stamp
USBS “2 Day” Double w/Cheese Stamp
USBS Carrier Pigeon
Carrier Pigeon
Insurance – House Cut Fries

I’m Waiting For Next Day Triple:

USBS aka United States Burger Service
8300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida

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