White Castle Locations, Sliders & Their Cravers

If you read Burger Beast regularly and don’t know about White Castle & its sliders, then you’ve got a lot to learn. White Castle is a regional burger chain that is still family-operated.

It was founded in 1921 by Billy Ingram and Walt Anderson. The first location was in Wichita, Kansas. Many believe White Castle is responsible for the burger revolution, myself included.

White Castle’s signature burger is, of course, the slider. Their slider is a small square burger cooked/steamed on a bed of onions. The burger patty also has five holes in it, which helps with the cooking process by allowing steam to rise through it.

It is never flipped. The Slider is much like a potato chip; you can’t have just one.

With White Castle in only a few states, your best bet if you need to have one is checking out your nearest supermarket’s frozen foods section. It’s not the same thing but it’s close.

And when you’ve got a craving, it will temporarily satiate that need.

White Castle Locations

White Castle has restaurants in 13 states with an Orlando, Florida spot slated to open very soon. The last time there was a castle in Florida was 1967. There were two locations in Miami, Florida, my hometown.

I have been able to snag some sliders from the Cravemobile when it stopped in Miami and Orlando.

FloridaCravemobile in Orlando and Miami
IndianaNew Castle
New JerseyLittle Ferry
New YorkElmhurst and Jackson Heights


Lexington, Kentucky

New York

Jackson Heights, New York

New Jersey

Little Ferry, New Jersey


My two road trips to Columbus, Ohio, revolved around White Castle.

The first time was to check out their original HQ, and the second time was to do a signing for my book All About the Burger at their flagship location.

Book Signing in Columbus, Ohio


Nashville, Tennessee

Cravemobile in Miami

In late 2015 White Castle found itself back in Miami via a stop by its Cravemobile. I helped them coordinate their stop in exchange for one thing, that I got the first slider in Miami since they left almost half a century ago.

Just shortly after their arrival, I had a Crave Case with 30 sliders in my hot little hands. The case itself has now become part of my Burger Museum‘s collection of artifacts.

Important Tweet
White Castle Cravemobile in Miami
Smiles with a Crave Case in Miami
Crave Case Sliders
White Castle Slider in Miami

My Burger Museum Collection

Here is a small part of the White Castle collection from my Burger Museum.

Coffee Mug
Dinner Plate
Sugar Cubes
Locations Booklet
1951 Coupon
CarHop Tray
Tray Up Close

Are you a Craver?

A Craver is a White Castle fan. There is even a Craver Hall of Fame for all the real hardcore devotees. I haven’t been inducted into it yet, but I am getting my acceptance speech ready for whenever that day comes.

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