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Burger King’s Yumbo Is Back After 40 Years

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Burger King's Yumbo

The Yumbo Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich is back on Burger King menus starting Tuesday December 2nd. The Yumbo is American Cheese, Black Forest Ham, Lettuce, & Mayo on a toasted hoagie Bun. It does look slightly different than in the 70s when it was served in the regular round Bun they use for Burgers. How do I know? Someone on ebay is selling an old Yumbo sign, check it out:

Yumbo Sign on ebay
Yumbo Sign on ebay

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  • Rodney S

    The original Yumbo had Swiss cheese, not American.

  • Angel3612

    The Yumbo sandwich of 2015 is not the same Yumbo of the 70’s. First of all, the Yumbo did not have mayonnaise or lettuce. Second, it did not have American cheese. Not happy at all!!! We were really excited to know the Yumbo was coming back, but I have idea who dropped the ball, because this Yumbo is just another Ham and cheese sandwich. Not a fan! Very disappointed. Two thumbs down!!!

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