IKEA Restaurant’s Bistro And Exit Cafe In Sunrise, Florida

I need a shirt that says “I ate at IKEA, I’m glad I lived to tell the tale!” Just kidding. Marcela had been wanting to go to IKEA for a while now so I granted her one yearly wish and … Continue reading

Skyline Chili In Sunrise, Florida

I know a bad omen when I see one. As soon as I open the door to Skyline Chili there was a Pepsi machine looking directly at me. I mention this to my friends Carlos and Derrick as we are … Continue reading

Char-Hut In Sunrise, Florida

In the early 1990’s I got lost in Davie with a friend of mine and we were starving. We came across a Char-Hut and pulled into the drive-thru.  We stuffed our faces and I remember in particular enjoying a chili … Continue reading