Motor City Coney Island Grill – Naples, Florida – CLOSED

I like to drop into the Naples area two to three times a year to see what’s shaking. I had heard through the Burger grapevine that Motor City Coney Island Grill was right up my alley with its Coney Dogs, Loosemeat Burgers, and Chili.

The regular Burgers here are chargrilled which is a nice change of pace to what everyone else is doing (flat-top).

The whole loosemeat thing is a regional specialty, it’s essentially seasoned ground beef. I really dig it and combined with the Detroit beanless Chili is comfort food at its finest.

My wife enjoyed a Gyro on her first visit and Biscuits topped with Gravy and Eggs on the next. Did I forget to mention that we ate twice in as many days? Whoopsie.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that my favorite dog was the Detroit Dog topped with Loosemeat and Chili. You can’t beat two for the price of one.

I’ve never been to Detroit but I’m thinking about adding it to one of my upcoming road trips. In the meantime, I’ll be back to Motor City Coney Island Grill to get my loosemeat fill.

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Onion Rings

Wing Dings


Detroit Beanless Chili


Loose Meat Hamburger and a Detroit Dog

Mustard Dog and a Loose Meat Hamburger

Biscuits with Gravy and Eggs

For Your Detroit Fix:

Motor City Coney Island Grill – CLOSED
1514 Immokalee Rd Suite 116
Naples, Florida 34110