Hate Mondays Tavern – West Kendall, Florida

Hate Mondays Tavern is one of my favorite spots in town. I feel like I'm sitting in my cousin's house enjoying some good ol' bbq.

The only word that comes to mind when parking outside of Hate Mondays Tavern is intoxicating. The smoker is located out front, and I’ve parked next to it a couple of times. On my way home, I’ve had the savage feeling to eat my now well-seasoned upholstery, but that’s a story for another day.

As soon as you arrive, make sure to ask if there are any specials for the day. I’ve eaten some great one-offs that seem to be on an erratic specials rotation that only El Bearded Chef (Chef & Owner Karl Hayden) understands.

Here’s the straight-up truth: You MUST order the Ribs, smoked Wings, and of course, the Mondays Remedy Burger.

The Ribs and Wings will sell you on just how great the BBQ is here. I love the Brisket too if there any left by the time you get there.

Now, the Mondays Remedy Burger holds a special place in my heart. Hate Mondays Tavern participated in my Hamburger House Party competition in 2016 and made a respectable showing. They returned in 2018 to win the People’s Choice Award with their Mondays Remedy Burger.

I’m not a big fan of gimmicky burgers (and while on the surface¬†this might be one), I can confirm that is indeed not. Their tasty signature beef blend burger topped with cheese and bacon.

One last thing, it’s on a sweet bun. Hate Mondays Tavern takes a donut, slices, and inverts it. The inside has a light glaze with some of HMT’s bbq seasoning. It threw me off on the first bite until my brain could process what exactly I was eating. El Breaded Chef deserves a standing ovation for this creation, or you could visit him and eat one.

P.S.: Hate Mondays Tavern is located in a warehouse district, so don’t be Miami-driving and texting, or you’re sure to miss it.

The Hate Mondays crew at Hamburger House Party 2018 with their trophy: El Bearded Chef is in the middle. You can’t miss him.

Hate Mondays Tavern table topper at Hamburger House Party 2018

Ribs & Fries

Cheesesteak Sandwich

Stuffed Tostones

Grilled Wings

Pulled Pork with a slightly spicy sauce

The view from the coveted back area table

Hamburger House Party 2018 Champ: Mondays Remedy Burger


Hate Mondays Tavern
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