Dry Aged & Wagyu Burgers Grilling

Delicious Burgers made on a BBQ Grill

It was super hot outside, but then again, I’m in Miami, and it’s to be expected. I had planned to grill up some burgers and hot dogs for my parents, and I figured I would help them out by taste-testing everything.

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24 Best Florida Burgers You Have to Try

I whittled down the 24 Florida Burgers You Have to Try list from about fifty, and that was a tough task in itself.

I’ve spent my entire adult life seeking out…

Smash Burgers cooking on a Blackstone Grill

Cooking Burgers on a Blackstone Grill

What’s the most important thing when cooking burgers on your Blackstone grill?

Act like a pro & always be prepared with all the equipment you need.