Metro Diner Monte Cristo

Greasy Spoon Comfort Food from Metro Diner

Metro Diner exploded into the comfort food stratosphere after Guy Fieri visited their original Jacksonville spot in 2010. Their first restaurant opened in 1992, so it’s not like they were an overnight success. After the popularity boost, Metro Diner expanded to more than 10 states and over 50 locations. It was during this growth spurt that they began to trickle down to South Florida. Unfortunately, those locations didn’t last. Last year, the Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, and Tamarac restaurants closed as the pandemic began to ravage the food industry. I did eat at the original Jacksonville Metro Diner with the fellas. We went to town and ordered so much food that four tables were completely covered in plates. There was a *Monte Cristo on the menu, so my greasy spoon code required me to order it. It did not disappoint. We enjoyed the meal. The only other spot with a …

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