Hamburger House Party 2019 in Pictures

Last night was our 6th annual and final Hamburger House Party which also featured one of my other events, Wiener Bash.

Congratulations to Arbetter Hot Dogs on taking home the 2019 Wiener Bash trophy, PINCHO who won the Judge’s Best Burger and Cackylacky’s from Jacksonville, Florida who was voted the People’s Best Burger.

A shout out to our sponsors: Blackstone Products, Downstairs Markets, Hellmann’s Mayonaise, Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls, Miami Culinary Institute, Orion Fuels, Sunshine Provisions, and Magic City Casino

And to our judges: Andrew Zurica (Andrew’s Classic Roadside Hamburgers by Hard Times Sundaes), Cari Garcia (Fatgirl Hedonist), Chef Phil Bryant (Johnnie’s Pit Beef & BBQ), Chef Richard Hales (Bird & Bone, Blackbrick Chinese & Sakaya Kitchen) and Starex Smith (The Hungry Black Man)

After the event, everyone was invited over to visit the Burger Museum located conveniently at Magic City Casino where Hamburger House Party was held.

Special thank you to Andrew Gonzalez (founder of Night Owl Cookies) for hosting the event!

Enjoy the pictures.