A Tale of 2 Fritas: Pizza Cubana & Sergio’s of Westchester

On Sunday morning I headed out to Hialeah in search of a new Frita to enjoy. I did not find one but ended up at Moviestop where I bought a bunch of Blu-Rays like The Evil Dead, Return of the Living Dead, High Fidelity, Swingers and Animal House. I was with my dad so I headed back to his home in Westchester where the thought of a new Frita danced in my head. It didn’t help that the discussion about Fritas continued here, here and tambien aqui.

It had been a while since I had eaten a Frita from Sergio’s and I also like their Croquetas so that was a done deal. Right next door to Sergio’s is Pizza Cubana who does you guessed it, Cuban style Pizza. I’ve noticed that Cuban Pizza Joints always seem to have Fritas on their menu so I figured I’d give it a shot and see if they did. Bingo! There is a Frita on their menu so I took one to go.

After paying & waiting for a little bit I’m given a white bag with a sandwich wrapped in it. I go right next door, pick up my Sergio’s order and head back to my family’s HQ.

I’m more interested in Pizza Cubana’s Frita so I take it out of the bag. The Frita comes in a simple fast food type paper wrapper with “I (heart) Pizza Cubana” all over it. I open it up to find a slovenly put together Frita. Somehow there’s even a couple of those canned potato sticks laying on top of the bread. Speaking of which, where are all the other potato sticks?

Wrapped Frita

Pizza Cubana’s Frita

I take a gander in the bag and they were all in there except for the 2 POWs who had made it onto the sandwich. I take one bite and my first thought is “Holy shit, this is horrible!” It’s bad and as I’m still thinking about it I realize there was no onion whatsoever. I have yet to accept what I just tried so I open up the bottom bun to find a couple of onion slivers trying their hardest to stay away from me. I brought the patty right up to my nose, took a good sniff and decided I wouldn’t even take a second bite if someone dared me. You’ll be happy to know my dad fed this Frita to the cats in his neighborhood. Please do not call PETA claiming animal cruelty.

Potato Sticks still in the Bag

Frita, heavy on the Onions?

After having a Sergio’s Croqueta as a palate cleanser it’s time for their Frita. I’ve had it in the past and I wasn’t a fan of it. This time though when I unwrap, I find that it now has homemade julienne potatoes as opposed to those canned potato sticks. There’s still no Cuban roll, but the soft squishy burger bun has been branded with the Sergio’s logo. You’d think if they’re going to brand the bread it would be some high-quality stuff.

Sergio’s Frita w/Branded Bun

Yes, that was one bite!

The Frita itself was not bad and way better than what I remember. The crunch, onions, and ketchup were right on the money. The patty itself could have used a bit more seasoning in the smoked paprika area but overall not too shabby. It won’t be making any Top 10 Fritas lists but it also won’t make the worst Fritas list. That is saved for their neighbor Pizza Cubana. If only El Rey de las Fritas across the street had been open, this all could have been averted.

2 Eat or Not 2 Eat:

Pizza Cubana
9350 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165


9330 Southwest 40th Street Miami, FL 33165