Pincho Factory Fries plus National Hamburger Month Craziness

Pincho Factory is debuting 3 different fries creations today. The first (pictured above) is turkey bacon, cheddar and ranch. The 2nd are cajun grilled onions topped by their Pink sauce and third is chocolate covered (not pictured).

Cajun Onion Fries

If you haven’t hit up Pincho Factory and tried the lineup of insane burgers for National Hamburger Month then you don’t know what you’re missing. This week’s madness is the Pastelito Burger and it’s only available a couple of more days.

NHM Line-Up

Quesadilla Burger

Fritanga Burger

The Foreman

Pastelito Burger

Mashed Potato Burger

Mashed Potato Burger Ooze

Try the insanity:

Pincho Factory
Facebook: Pincho Factory
Twitter: @PinchoFactory
9860 Bird Road, Miami, FL




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