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Top 10 Croquetas in Miami

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Top 10 Croquetas

I have eaten enough Croquetas in my lifetime to fill a Cruise ship. I’d say I love a good 99% of them, even the kind you find in Frozen Food Aisle at your local Supermarket. Picking 10 was difficult so I threw in an extra Croqueta that I recently have become enamored with. What’s your Top 10 Croqueta List? I’d love to hear them.

Top 10 Croquetas in South Florida:

11) Tasca de España (Westchester): Yes I know. This is supposed to be a Top 10 list but I couldn’t help myself, I needed to throw in an extra one. These Chorizo Croquetas from Tasca de España are just so creamy that I couldn’t resist.

Tasca De España Croquetas
Tasca De España Croquetas

10) La Carreta (Westchester): Not all Croquetas from La Carreta are created equal, in this case, it’s a fact. La Carreta located at the Pots & Pan mecca of Westchester serves different Croquetas than at other locations, why? Beats me, all I know is the Croqueta at this particular location is way better than the one in Little Havana or elsewhere.

La Carreta Croquetas
La Carreta Croquetas

9) Sarussi Cafe (Westchester): Most folks go to Sarussi for the sandwiches but not me. The two Sarussi locations in Westchester both have homemade Croquetas which were surprisingly good. So good, that I take some home every time to fry up at home. Yup, you can buy a boxful at a wholesale price.

Sarussi Croquetas
Sarussi Croquetas

8) Sakaya Kitchen (Downtown Miami & Midtown): Eh, como se coló este? Google it. Anyway, yeah Sakaya Kitchen has some really great Croquetas and of course they’re not traditional in any sense of the word but they would make for a great Croqueta Preparada. Let’s write Owner/Chef Richard Hales about it & maybe he can make our dreams a reality.

Sakaya Kitchen Croquetas
Sakaya Kitchen Croquetas

7) Munchies Cafe (Westchester): Westchester is a hot bed for Croqueta activity & since I grew up there, explains my obsession with them. Munchies Cafe is situated in the left corner shop of the massive Home Depot, which means it probably gets overlooked by a bunch of folks. I sat down to a nice lunch of a Palomilla Steak & these delectable meat sticks. I loved them so much I took ten to go, to spread the love.

Munchies Croquetas
Munchies Croquetas

6) Molina’s Ranch (Hialeah): La ciudad que progresa makes an appearance in the Top 10 Croqueta list with a Croqueta from a Cuban classic, Molina’s Ranch. Croquetas might not be the first thing to come to mind at Molina’s but after trying one (alright, it was really three) it should be. I drove to Molina’s Ranch just for Croquetas but you know, that’s how I do.

Molina Ranch Croquetas
Molina Ranch Croquetas

5) Bread + Butter Counter (Coral Gables): Round Croquetas….I know I know, take it easy. Bread + Butter Counter’s Medianoche Croquetas are a thing of beauty. Yes, they do have the same flavor profile of a Medianoche. You can even taste the pickles. Let us imagine a Croqueta Preparada made with Medianoche Croquetas…..go ahead close your eyes…..would it be a Medianoche Croqueta Preparada? Whoa! Chef Alberto Cabrera’s Croqueta just blew my mind.

Bread + Butter Counter Croquetas
Bread + Butter Counter Croquetas

4) El Caribe Cafeteria (Flagami, Hialeah & Kendall): El Caribe Cafe Restaurant which is now a mini chain opened their first location near the Miami Airport (39th & NW 7th St) years & years ago. My Dad would bring me here for lunch during the summers when I worked with him. Since then, I’ve always stopped in for a Medianoche, a couple of Croquetas & a Cafe con Leche. If you’re in the area, they deliver which is always great news.

Caribe Croquetas
Caribe Cafeteria Croquetas

3) Luis Galindo Latin American (Kendall, West Miami & Westchester): Luis Galindo Latin American makes a serious Croqueta, do I sound like I’m smiling? I begin every meal at Galindo’s with a few of these guys to get my engine started. Once it’s purring, I sporadically keep eating them for fuel. They’re so good and when you try the Croqueta Preparada, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been eating them like this in the first place.

Luis Galindo Latin American Croquetas
Luis Galindo Latin American Croquetas

2) Sergio’s (Coral Gables area, Doral, Hialeah, Kendall & Westchester: All Locations): I’ve eaten 10 Sergio’s Croquetas in one sitting. I’m not boasting, just trying to show you the addictive nature of these particular Croquetas. My meal at Sergio’s starts with eating at least 3 Croquetas & then taking some home for later. They’ve recently added a Chorizo Croqueta which also deserves a few moments or bites of your time.

Sergio's Croquetas
Sergio’s Croquetas

1) Islas Canarias (Kendall & Kendall) There can only be one. While the topic of Best Croqueta in Miami is a highly debated topic (at least in my circles) you can not dispute the popularity of the Croquetas from Islas Canarias. Of all the Croquetas in my Top 10 this one is located farthest from me. I love opening up the box & looking at all the mis-shapen meat tubes. One bite of these utterly creamy fellas will have you driving to the ends of the earth for them. What’s worse (or best, depends how you look at it) is that there’s a drive-thru making it easier to keep your addiction going forever.

Islas Canarias Croquetas
Islas Canarias Croquetas

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  • Sofia

    the fact that Versailles isn’t even mentioned invalidates this entire article

    • Not a fan of their or La Palma’s Croquetas, sorry.

    • Patty Rodriguez


    • Vicky Fisher

      Versailles croquetas have been awful for years now, unless you like a lot of breading and hardly any meat.

    • bengaltiger

      Versailles is not in the top ten of any list. The food is mediocre at best. The only reason to go is to order a cafecito at the window in a ceramic cup.

    • Amme Zepol

      Versailles is only a name, it’s not that great! Sorry!

  • natasha

    How come casavana didn’t make it? They are good!

    • Heard they recently changed up their Croquetas, I need to check those out.

    • Haven’t had their new ones.

      • Gilda Almeyda Sanchez

        Pinecrest bakery has really good Spinach croquetas

        • I think those Spinach Croquetas are frozen not fresh.

  • Saucy ‘Stache

    That’s it. Get in your car and meet me at El Floridita across from Tamiami airport in 20.

    • lol, soon.

      • Nnnatalie

        I work right over El Floridita and their Croqueta are pretty good (including The new lobster ones. But Islas Canarias is the best forever!!

  • tammy

    Yeahhh…the best croqueta in town..islas canarias.

  • Susana Hevia Enriquez

    you forgot Publix. Their ham croquetas are great.

    • They use the frozen prepackaged ones unless something changed recently.

    • Gilda Almeyda Sanchez

      their ham croquetas are frozen

  • Carlos_Miller

    Y La Palma?

    • You and your obsession with La Palma.

      • Gilda Almeyda Sanchez

        I have to say La Palma s are not the worst in town they are good and once upon a time they were the best. just sayin

  • Suzy

    Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop in midtown. Best in Miami. And they have 2 different kinds

  • Connie Rivero Arrese

    Hello…El Floridita en West Kendall by Tamiami Airport!

    • I’m beginning to sense an El Floridita uprising.

  • Patty Rodriguez

    I agree with Sofia, Versailles croquetas must be on a Miami croqueta list! They actually source out their croquetas to many venders in the city, including La Carreta of course since Felipe Valls is the owner of the latter & Versailles. I’d also mention Bulla’s triangular fritters of hammy goodness, as well as Barceloneta’s which are also creamy and delish. This post is making me hungry.

  • Jess Duffo

    Carlito’s Cafe in Kendall has some AMAZING ones too!!

    • What part of Kendall?

      • Wynne Kalish

        9045 S.W. 107 Ave.

  • Croquetero

    Isla Canarias should have won 11 through 1……
    fuck the rest.

  • Jorge Valdes

    First and foremost the best I have ever had was at Botin’s in Madrid, Spain (one of Hemmingway’s favorite). There was once a Botin’s in Miami briefly and theirs’ were equally tasteful as in Spain. So I must say that those were the best in town. I miss that place. Nevertheless now I consider the following just as good as those on this list. Latin America (Cafeteria) in Sweetwater and on Sunset, Casavana, 5 J’s, and Delicias de Espana. Bear in mind the croquet originated in Spain therefore Spanish restaurants would serve the best.

    • Where is the Latin America in Sweetwater and on Sunset?

      By the way Croquettes did not originate in Spain and even if they did, it’s no reason to believe that they “would serve the best” just because of that reason.

  • Eric Castellanos

    Latín café 2000 Should Also be on this list. They are amazing

  • Juan Bereijo

    La Jugeria Tropical by St. Timothy has the best. And if they don’t run out of Chicken Croquetas, youre in for a treat. Amazing Croquetas.

  • Juan Bereijo

    La Jugeria Tropical by St. Timothy has the best. Bar none! If you can get a hold of one of their Chicken Croquetas before they run out! You are in luck!

  • Tere

    Late to the party, but agree on Islas Canarias being #1 – not familiar with the Kendall location, but the croquetas at the original location on NW 27 Ave. are heavenly.

  • Action Movie Freak

    No Los Bobos?!

  • edsicalz

    El Brazo Fuerte? Check it out.

  • Maria E Rivero

    I my self am a croqueta freak, you have to go to El Prado Bakery and Restaurant on NW 7th Street next door to Winn-Dixie across from the Magic City Casino..they make their own homemade croquetas they are awesome!! Better than Caribe 100%! Go and check it out you won’t regret it!

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