National Burger Month 2010 Recap

I celebrated National Burger Month 2010 by eating one burger daily. By the end of May 2010, I should have eaten 31 burgers, but 41 was the final tally.

This does not include the Meatball Sandwich record I set at the Xtreme Eatery by downing two 14-inch Meatball Subs in 19 minutes and 31 seconds on Saturday, May 29th. If you notice, I had a Happy Meal that day, which helped to keep the record intact.

So where do I go from here?

Burger Beast with CheeseBurger
Burger Beast enjoying a Cheese Hamburg

I will continue to bring you my version of the best burger and comfort food coverage in South Florida….and as always, thanks for reading!

Your friend,

The Beast

National Burger Month 2010

National Hamburger Month Celebration

May 1st: El Mago De Las Fritas: Frita
May 2nd: Checkers: Big Buford
May 3rd: The Filling Station: Malibu Bleu (burger blackened and topped with bleu cheese), Sakaya Kitchen: Bulgogi Burger (Bulgogi marinated Angus beef patty, spicy tots, cheese sauce, pork belly, Ssamjang, spicy mayo, house pickle)
May 4th: Fuddruckers: 2/3 lb. 3 Cheese Burger, Steak ‘n Shake: Wisconsin Buttery Burger
May 5th: 72nd Bar + Grill: The Juancho Burger (cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg, bacon & chimichurri mayo)
May 6th: Burger King: Double Cheeseburger, McDonald’s: Quarter Pounder w/cheese
May 7th: 8 oz. Burger Bar: The 8 oz. (cave-aged Gruyere and house-cured bacon)
May 8th: Miami Subs: Double Cheeseburger
May 9th: Wendy’s: Baconator Double w/cheese
May 10th: One Burger: Black Castle Burger
May 11th: Stop Burger: Big Burger with American Cheese
May 12th: Latin Burger & Taco Truck: The Burger Beast Burger
May 13th: Five Guys: Bacon Cheeseburger
May 14th: Keg South of Pinecrest: Keg Burger with Cheese
May 15th: Quickie’s Burger & Wings of Hollywood: Mini M.O.A.B. Burger
May 16th: El Rey De Las Fritas: La Frita Original
May 17th: Q American Barbeque: Media Noche Burger
May 18th: Burger King: Whiplash Whopper
May 19th: Los Perros: Hamburguesa De Carne
May 20th: Sakaya Kitchen: Double Bulgogi Burger
May 21st: Super Subs Etc: Cheeseburger Sub
May 22nd: EVOS: Double Steakburger with Cheese, Dave & Busters: Double Cheeseburger
May 23rd: Mini Burgers from Publix: Cooked by me for my LOST finale BBQ. I want to add that I also had a few Nathan Hot Dogs.
May 24th: Betty’s Best Burgers: 2/3 Pound Burger with 3 Cheeses
May 25th: Fatburger: Large Fat with Cheese
May 26th: Yellow Submarine Truck: Yellow Burger
May 27th: Hooters: More Thank A Mouthful Burger w/American Cheese
May 28th: John Martin’s: Black & Blue Burger, Checker’s: Baconzilla
May 29th: McDonald’s: Cheeseburger Happy Meal
May 30th: Norman Brothers: Wagyu Burgers cooked by me
May 31st: Burger Throwdown: 6 Different Slider-sized Burgers

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