Citysearch: Best Hamburger 2008

As voted by the readers of Citysearch for Best Hamburger in Miami 2008:

1) Gordon Biersch
2) Keg South of Kendall
3) The Capital Grille
4) Morton’s
5) Joe Allen
6) The Big Pink
7) Nexxt Cafe
8) Johnny Rockets
9) Cheeburger Cheeburger
10)Le Tub

Le Tub all the way at the bottom is odd but no weirder than the fact that Johnny Rockets made the list.


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  • I think Gordon Biersch paid someone at citysearch to rig the system. GB #1, REALLY!?

    Cheeburger Cheeburger?!?!?! Cheeburger Cheeburger?!?!?! Chee-F@(kn Cheeburger?!?!?! REALLY!??!

  • Even though Santiago deleted his comment, he spares no time taking a shot at Keg South when he really should be wondering how is Johnny Rockets on this list.

  • I don’t bother commenting on that list.. it’s like those lame Billboard Top 10 lists.. indicative of a shocking lack of imagination or curiosity by a staggering majority of our fellow friends and neighbors and even less taste.

    However, I will contend that Keg South has the potential to be an epic burger but it has some clear flaws that should be remedied before I jump on the bandwagon !

    I am, however, quite pleased that you are a fan of the Jesus Lizard.

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