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The Burger Beastmobile Shuts Down

This isn’t a figment of your imagination, it’s the real deal. After speaking to Tania, owner of Food Cart USA we came up with the idea to create The Burger Beastmobile powered by Food Cart USA. I will answer the first thing that comes to your mind and it’s, No. I won’t be cooking on this baby.

I’ll be inviting all my favorite restaurants and chefs to cook on it. South Florida is big and not everyone is going to drive around and try food all over the place like I do. It’s going to be my pleasure to bring places like Charm City Burger Company, Georgie’s Alibi, Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill and Quickie’s of Hollywood to Miami and my favorite locations from Miami like 8 oz. Burger Bar, Burger & Beer Joint, The Filling Station, and John Martin’s Irish Pub farther north. It’s a win win for everyone I think.

We’re going to be unveiling the truck tomorrow at Street Food Fridays at the Miami Herald. I’m hoping you all can make it. Unfortunately, we won’t be cooking on the truck but Fireman Derek will be selling some of his world famous pies. Good stuff if you’ve never had it. The cooking debut will be next Thursday, January 13th and will feature my main man, Ortelio Cardenas better known as El Mago De Las Fritas.

As always, thanks to you for reading and believing in the Beast, without you this truck wouldn’t be possible. There’s going to be some surprises along the way too, you know how I do. Yeah, I like Burgers and I know you do too.

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