Cuban Guys in Hialeah

Food Truck News Video

Food Fight On A “Miami Food Truck”

El Rey de las Fritas

Something makes me think this isn’t real……

Let’s go over the SFL Checklist:

Food Truck….✔
Super Chusma….✔

Now that I really think about it, this might have actually happened.

Best line: “Tremendo Competition

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  • alan posner

    i know for a fact that this show is a 100% setup. I know someone very close to me who was on it and the entire scene was contrived. 100%!

    • I’m not really sure how anyone can watch full episodes of this. The acting is horrible but at least in the case of this video, I laughed.

  • Tremont Hater

    Tow Truck drivers are the scum of the earth. Tremont Drivers are the bottom of the scum barrel.

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