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Hot Dog El Paisa Food Truck – Kendall, Florida

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Hot Dog El Paisa Food Truck

A few folks had mentioned to me that there was a Hot Dog truck parking late nights in Kendall (my pal Caveman was on of them). This truck is somewhere in between being one of the new generation of suped up trucks and the roach coaches of old. I found Hot Dog El Paisa truck parked not too far from a Blockbuster on Kendall Drive and 137th. There were a couple of people in line ahead of us, so Caveman and I looked over the posted menu to see what we’d like to get.

Hot Dog El Paisa Menu
Hot Dog El Paisa Menu
Hey, stop looking at me!
Hey, stop looking at me!

My eyes kept getting drawn to the logo. It’s a hot dog with head, stubby arms and feet and a man purse (a little creepy if you ask me). I ordered the Hawaiian Hot Dog – Jumbo and Caveman went with the Salchiarepa Paisa. The Hawaiian has ketchup, mayo, mustard, pink sauce, potato sticks, pineapple sauce, Parmesan cheese and melted cheese.

Hawaiian Hot Dog
Hawaiian Hot Dog

It was an all beef hot dog and it was solid. It was very reminiscent in taste to the hot dog at Mao. An Arepa is a bread made of cornmeal that is grilled, baked, or fried. This particular version, a Salchiarepa has hot dogs slivers on it.

Salchiarepa with Parmesan goodness
Salchiarepa with Parmesan goodness

It’s served open face with melted cheese, sauced to your liking and topped with Parmesan cheese. I happened to really like this but for Caveman a couple of bites was enough. There’s one other cool thing about Hot Dog El Paisa, a frequent dinner card. Have 9 (not all at the same time) Jumbo Paisa Hot Dogs, Jumbo Hawaiian Hot Dogs or Salchiarepas Paisa and receive the 10th free.

Hot Dog El Paisa Frequent Dinner Card
Hot Dog El Paisa Frequent Dinner Card


Hot Dog El Paisa

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  • El PAISA

    I want to say thanks for making this comments about my truck, and at the same time I want to invite every one who reads this blog to pass by and taste the best hotdogs in florida, "HOTDOG EL PAISA", you can also enjoy other products like "charritas paisas(crab,meat and shrimp)", "arepas con todo" and "shrimp ceviche".

    I am located in the parking of office depot and blockbuster in 137av with kendall drive,
    monday-thursday: 6pm to 12am
    friday-saturday: 6pm to 2am

    you can also enjoy my original sauces in your house : GUACAMOLE, PINEAPPLE, COLESLAW AND SHREDDED CHEESE and remember: "THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE TOPPINGS".
    10 years of experience and localization with the best hotdogs.
    call: 786 273 5752

  • Melody

    A friend of mine keep talking about El Paisa, so sometime this week we will be on our way there.

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