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Mr. Good Stuff – Miami Food Truck

Sweet Caroline

El Rey de las Fritas

Mr. Good Stuff Food Truck

Mr. Good Stuff Food Truck is all about stuffing you. They have 5 signature arepas aka Lunas (Venezuelan white corn meal arepas). The cornmeal is molded and sliced into a thin pocket (like a pita) and can then be “stuffed” with the meat filling of your choice. There’s also a “stuffed” hot dog, “stuffed” tostones (fried green plantains) & stuffed Burgers too.

Alfredo Montero aka Mr. Good Stuff
Alfredo Montero aka Mr. Good Stuff

The truck logo, which I happen to love was created by David Le Batard. He’s a local Miami artist that goes by the name of LEBO.

Wondering what to get? The Godfather Stuffed Burger is where it’s at!

Check out the menu below:

Dinner Menu (click to enlarge)
Menu (click to enlarge)
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline
The Godfather Stuffed Burger
The Godfather Stuffed Burger
Bacon & Blue Stuffed Burger
Bacon & Blue Stuffed Burger
Green with Envy
Green with Envy
4 Cheezy-My-Neezy
4 Cheezy-My-Neezy
Ain't Yo Mamma's Fries
Ain’t Yo Mamma’s Fries

Follow Mr. Good Stuff:

Twitter: @MrGoodStuffs
Facebook: Mr. Good Stuff’s Truck

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  • Van

    Mr. Good Stuff…Does you GOOD!!

  • Howdy

    My family and I are at the beach and I have been trying to show them your blog, but I hadn’t saved it before we left home and therefore it took me FOREVER to find it using Google .

    Now that I have found it, the reason why I wanted to show them, is I am convinced that you and I are competing against each other with our blogs.

    I believe there are enough people in the world to where we can both survive, but I wanted you to know what I am using to get fresh content while I am on vacation as it is only fair. Check this out!

    Take care and I look forward to the continued competition when I return home!!

  • Tracy Baxter

    Alfedo, I’m so excited for you!!! Love the truck!!!

  • serg

    Out of all the trucks , this one caught my attention, Unique plates. no just burgers and wings like everyone is doing, nice & congrats!

  • Ade

    We love you. We look for you and if you are reachable…we are there. No matter what you order…It is great.

  • Tai

    The Son of a Brisket Luna is amazing! These guys know what they’re doing. The spicy green sauce they make with scotch bonnets and jalapenos took it to the next level. Sooo good!

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  • Sharon

    Where can I try out Mr. Good Stuff’s meals? What is his schedule and where does he park his restaurant/truck/ The food looks delicious and I want to try it this weekend if possible. SO WHERE IS THE HANGOUT SPOT?

  • Luly

    Gluten Free!! Just had the Green with Envy and it was unbelievably good. I asked the owner, Alfredo, if the arepas were gluten-free and he was kind enough to bring me a bag of the flour. It wasn’t so I went for the stuffed tostones instead. Can’t wait to go back!

  • Rodrigo

    MR. GOODSTUFF……….glad I found you,came to see you on Monday,had a Godfather……coming for my SWEET CAROLINE next go round,n still interested in purchasing a shirt…….what u say?………Rod

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