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The Empanada Truck Picks Up Where Che Grill Left Off

El Rey de las Fritas

The Empanada Truck

Che Grill has been on the streets of South Florida for almost 2 years now. Since day one I’ve been mesmerized by the baked Empanadas they serve, in particular the Spicy Beef. Owner Damian Forneris decided it was time to expand the brand with his new food truck, The Empanada Truck.

I’ve tried the new Buffalo Chicken, Parmesan Chicken and French Onion Empanadas which taste just like their names imply. There’s even an Empanada named after the recently appointed Argentinian Pope. It’s gonna be a tough task working your way through the list but they do help you out by giving you a special price for purchases by the dozen. I’ve been known to go this route at the Che Grill truck.

The Empanada Truck

Chicken Parmesan Empanada
Parmesan Chicken Empanada

The Empanada Truck

The Empanada Truck

Spicy Beef Empanada
Spicy Beef Empanada
Veggie Empanada
Fransisco IĀ Empanada
French Onion Empanada
Mushroom Portobelo Empanada

The Empanada Truck

Dulce de Leche Empanada
Dulce de Leche Empanada

The Menu:

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Load Up At:

The Empanada Truck
Facebook: The Empanada Truck
Twitter: @TheEmpanadaTruc

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  • Nancy Flores Roque

    I would not compare this truck to Che Grill. Bad business! You need to learn respect!

    • I don’t understand what you mean. Chef Grill and the Empanada Truck are owned by the same person.

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