Burgers & Food Trucks in LEGOland?

Are you a fan of LEGO? Do you have a great idea that might make a killer LEGO set? Well then you should be living at the LEGO CUUSOO website submitting ideas. CUUSOO is the Japanese partner of  LEGO who works with them to create “community supported sets“. This is how it works:

1. Have an Idea? Create a Project, share your product concept, and see what other people think.

2. Get 10,000 Supporters: Projects with 10,000 supporters are reviewed quarterly by LEGO for a chance to become an official LEGO product.

3. Receive Royalty:  If your project passes review and is chosen for production, you will receive 1% of the total net sales of the product. See the guidelines for more details.

Why am I bringing this up? I came across a few things I found interesting like an In-N-Out Restaurant, a McDonald’s Meal and LEGO Food Trucks.

They’re not doing too well in voting and could use your help, that is of course unless you’ve got a better idea!