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Vietnamese food is a pretty big departure from the Burgers and Croquetas that I normally write about on here. The Spring In Roll Out Food Truck is based out of West Palm Beach and has been in the South Florida Food Truck scene for just over 2 years.

At first, they stuck close to Palm Beach but gradually started venturing out. Last year after some begging I was able to convince them to make the trip to Arts Park in Hollywood for the Best Food Truck event in all of South Florida, Food Trucks at Arts Park. It’s also one of the few Food Truck events I still curate. I had heard nothing but positive things about the Food and also the owners Galina & Maky.

You’re going to get friendly service when you come to the Spring In Roll Out window followed by a really excellent food experience. Spring In Roll Out has made me appreciate vegetables again and the textures involved with each one, one of my turn-offs.

If you’ve never had something like this before you might want to ease yourself in with the Spring Rolls (rolled pastry paper filled with Carrots & Jicama), Pork and Turkey versions are both very good. The Noodle Bowl with Lettuce, Pickled Carrots, Pickled Daikon Radish, Cucumber and Mint and your choice of either Lemongrass Chicken, Lemongrass Pork, BBQ Pork or Tofu is another good first-time option. Don’t be so easy to dismiss the Tofu though, my wife Marcela eats it all the time and it is great. I really did just say Tofu is great, what’s happening to me?

If they’ve got the Banh Mi Sliders as a special make sure to snap them up.

Menu (click to enlarge)
Menu (click to enlarge)
Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls

Spring In Roll Out Food Truck

Lemongrass Chicken Summer Roll
Lemongrass Chicken Summer Roll w/Peanut Sauce

Spring In Roll Out Food Truck

Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Bowl
Lemongrass Chicken Rice Noodle Bowl
Banh Mi Sliders
Banh Mi Sliders

How much do I love their Spring Rolls? If those Rolls were rockets I’d aim the entire arsenal at myself for annihilation, that much.

One last thing, we’ve got to convince them to bring their charms to Miami. What do you say Spring In Roll Out?

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Spring In Roll Out
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