Burger Beast’s Burger Museum Coming To Magic City Casino

Burger Beast Museum Logo

I’ve been collecting Burger & Comfort Food Restaurant Memorabilia for many years with the hopes that I might at some point be able to do something with them. Earlier this year I found an office space where I had been displaying them but the time has come to move the collection to a fully functional space where everyone can visit.

Burger Beast’s Burger Museum will be coming to the Magic City Casino in December 2016.

What exactly does the collection have in it? Anything and everything from Food Wrappers & Containers, Uniforms, Matchbooks, Ashtrays, Mugs, Plates, Photos and much much more. While the majority of the collection focuses on the Burger Chains that popularized the Burger, there are pieces associated with other Comfort Food Restaurants of the era like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Arby’s and diners like Denny’s or even Doughnut Shops like Mister Donut.

Royal Castle, Kewpee & Carl's Jr
Royal Castle, Kewpee & Carl’s Jr
McDonald's, Burger King & Burger Chef
Some of the McDonald’s, Burger King & Burger Chef Collection
Old Miami Restaurants
Part of the Old Comfort Food Restaurants
Back View Museum
What the future Museum space currently looks like

Burger Beast

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